Support Groups

About our Support Groups                        
Our support groups meet at various times of the year on weekly and monthly basis.
Please check the Support Group Schedule for more information.
Topics covered in our Support Groups:
  • Getting Acquainted 
  • Understanding Your Grief
  • Expressing and Accepting Your Feelings
  • Remembering
  • Practical Problems
  • Keeping the Memories Alive
  • Taking the Initiative
Our facilitators, all bereaved individuals, are trained by professionals to facilitate support groups. There is no fee for attending the Open House or any support group program.
Some comments from Support Group Participants...
      "It helped me to release all of the feelings that had been suppressed inside me."

      "It was a treasured time for me to realize I had a place somewhere to share my feelings."
      "The fact of being able to talk with other people about bereavement was in itself a great help. I was not alone."
      "As the weeks went by it was good to see the change in all of us, showing interest in getting on with our lives."
Everybody grieves differently and do not always have the same experiences as others in their family at the same time. This sometimes makes it difficult for family members to comfort one another.

Our group sessions:
  • encourage you to share your grief, tell your story, and express your difficult feelings in a warm, caring environment that promotes healing and decreases the sense of isolation experienced by many bereaved individuals
  • acknowledges that each of us grieves in our own way and provides ways to cope emotionally, physically, and psychologically with your loss.
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