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Prepaid Funeral Savings:
Funeral prices double on average every ten years. When you pre-plan and/or pre-pay, you lock today’s prices in until the time of death – no matter how many years later.

Prepaid Funeral Expenses Flexibility:
Pre-planned and pre-paid funerals are fully transferable, allowing you to plan now and change later with no penalty. For example, if you chose to move your funeral arrangements to Bay Gardens Funeral Home, it is as simple as coming in and signing a letter stating your wishes.

Interest-free Prepaid payments:
Pre-paid funeral funds are not held by the funeral home but by a third party insurance or trust. Payment plans are flexible and based on your needs.

Peace of mind:
Pre-planning provides your family with a guide to your celebration of life. In fact, the Government of Canada describes pre-arranging one’s funeral as a “high-benefit, low-risk” decision.
Our Licensed Funeral Directors and Pre-Planning Advisors are here to guide you through the process; give us a call to discuss your celebration of life.
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