The Family Service Liaison

The Family Service Liaison is a specialized service offered by Bay Gardens Funeral Home to each of our valued families. We know that the days leading up to a funeral service are overwhelming.

The Family Service Liaison is here to help minimize the additional stresses that can come with planning a funeral.

In our modern world, we are continuously finding new and creative ways to commemorate those we have lost.  Many families come to us with their own unique ideas to incorporate into their funeral services and visitations, and it is the role of the Family Service Liaison to help bring these special tributes into fruition.  There is no idea too grand or too complex – we will work with your family to give it shape. 

The Family Service Liaison can also assist your family by picking up mementos, photos, or clothing – any items to be displayed during the funeral service.  They are also available for your other needs – let us make dinner reservations for your family or coordinate transportation for family coming in from out of town.  Every family is unique, and the Family Service Liaison exists to serve your unique needs.

“Every life tells a story. Celebrate yours.” 

The Team at Bay Gardens and Bayview Cemetery and Mausoleum.

A Few Things to Consider When Pre-Planning

As part of our commitment to the community, we hold monthly seminars where we share information on Wills and Estate Planning, Travel Insurance, Repatriation and Funeral Pre-Planning.

We offer one-on-one appointments where you can meet with our Licensed Funeral Directors and
Pre-Planning Advisors in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to discuss the options available to you and ensure that you ‘share your story’ and gain peace of mind knowing your wishes are established and secure. 

As part of that service, the team at Bay Gardens and Bayview Cemetery and Mausoleum have created a checklist and we’d like to share with a few of these items, for you to consider: 

1. Meet with your Bay Gardens Licensed Funeral Director to discuss your wishes 

2. Have the following documents on-hand: social insurance number, birth date, birthplace, profession, etc. 

3. Choose your preference burial or cremation 

4. Have you already chosen your final resting place? 

5. What would you like your monument or marker to look like and say? 

6. How would you like your family and friends to visit? 1 hour before the service or 1 day before? 

7. Would you prefer a traditional Church or Celebrant service? 

8. How many people will attend a reception following your services? 

9. Have you completed your Power of Attorney and Will? 

10. Who is your Executor? 

We often hear family and friends say: “We are so grateful Mom/Dad pre-arranged; it was such a gift. 

We now have peace of mind knowing they had a say in their final wishes.” 

“Every life tells a story. Celebrate yours.” 

The Team at Bay Gardens and Bayview Cemetery and Mausoleum.


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