December 2016

Healing Through the Holidays

Hello! On December 4th, we held our annual Holiday Memorial Service in honour of the families served this past year, by both our funeral home and cemetery locations. Close to 250 people attended the moving, solemn candle light ceremony, to hear their loved one's name read during the service and light a candle in memory.


As we head into the holiday season, complete with the hustle and bustle that usually comes with it, we are reminded that this time of year, though joyous to most, can be a painful reminder for those who are bereaved.  Gatherings of family and friends often strike a sensitive chord as we remember and grieve for a loved one.

We have outlined some ideas that we hope will assist you throughout the season and encourage you to care for yourself in the best way you can:

We need to share our memories...through photos and stories, or by lighting a special candle during the day or at a meaningful time.

We need to share and express our surrounding ourselves with people who understand and care; by sitting with our sadness - tears are healing; by accepting good feelings - it is okay to laugh, you are not being disrespectful to someone's memory.

We need to set engaging in activities that will keep us grounded; by choosing to socialize or not and by feeling free to cancel or leave an event; by letting go of the notion that we need to do everything - let others cook or help; by planning time so we don't over commit.

We need to be kind to slowing down the holiday pace - take it one day at a time; by finding ways to pamper ourselves; by eating well, taking walks, getting sufficient sleep and not overindulging in alcohol; by talking and seeking out support with friends, family or groups. 

If you require assistance in dealing with grief, please contact Friends In Grief and ask them about their peer bereavement support sessions. Next groups start in January and are offered free of charge to all adults. Contact them at (905) 318-0059 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit them online at to see how they can help you.

We at Bay Gardens Funeral Home and Bayview Cemetery, Crematory & Mausoleum wish you all a safe and healthy season.



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