September 2016

We are ONE in September

Hello! September is a time of year that reminds us of change - a new school year, home project or the cusp of a new season. However this month also  brings with it a reminder that many people around us need a helping hand, a kind word or someone to just listen.  September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day; join us to bring awareness to this important cause.

According to the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention (CASP), approximately 11 people will end their lives today by suicide and another 210 will attempt to do so. It has been estimated that for each death, 7-10 bereaved people are left behind to deal with the trauma and grief of losing someone dear.  

These numbers are sobering to say the least. Besides the terrible loss and potential loss of life, the fact that every day, close to 100 people are newly bereaved by suicide means we as a community must work together to eliminate stigma and raise awareness. One life saved is well worth the effort. One person who receives mental health support is well worth the effort.

Among those most at risk in Canada are youth, middle aged men, seniors and indigenous people. Suicide is a complex issue and cannot be attributed to one factor. Not all people who die by suicide have a mental illness and not all those who are mentally ill commit suicide. Factors such as loss, addictions, childhood trauma or other forms of trauma, depression, serious physical illness, and major life changes can make some people feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. It is important to remember that it isn’t necessarily the nature of the loss or stressor that is as important as the individual’s experience that these things feel unbearable.

You may recall in May of this year, the staff at Bay Gardens and Bayview Cemetery held a special month-long campaign to raise public awareness of women's cancers. This month, we continue our work of bringing important issues to the forefront. With September 10th being World Suicide Prevention Day, we felt it was good timing to turn our focus to reducing the stigma associated with suicide and helping anyone in need. Our uniforms will change for the month of September, with staff wearing scarves and ties in yellow and orange. These colours represent the awareness ribbon of the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention and signify the rising sun and the flickering flame of a candle, both symbols of light and hope.

We invite you to share this purpose with us.

Be one who wears a ribbon. Be one who reaches out. Be one who speaks up. Be one who listens. Be one who makes a difference. Be ONE.

Contact for your nearest crisis centre.


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